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Andrew's Tree Pros provides professional tree trimming, thinning, pruning and removal services.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Andrew’s Tree Pros team is very knowledgeable and skilled in all areas of tree trimming, thinning, pruning and removal. Whether […]

Andrew's Tree Pros Tree Removal Services

Tree Cutting and Removal Services

If you’re looking for a professional tree company that can handle tough jobs in tough situations, then contact Andrew’s Tree […]

Raleigh, Wake Forest - Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

A Stump Grinder is a machine which removes stumps by grinding them with a large rotating cutting disk. Most tree […]

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Stump grinder operated with wireless remote…

There are different size stump grinders ranging in power from 5 to 100 horsepower. Most smaller stump grinders only grind […]


Loading 16′ logs with a Bobcat S300 Turbo…

Bobcats normally have a bucket or forks. The grapple attachment on our Bobcat S300 was custom made just for Andrew’s […]


Our wood chipper can handle whole tree tops…

After a tree is topped, our ground crew will use a winch to pull the top of the tree into […]

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